Sistemi Nalder srl is a company that operates in the supply of consulting services to public and private entities and companies, in particular as regards the design and construction of electronic processing and digital transformation systems.

The company began its current activity in 2001 when new shareholders entered the shareholding structure, interested in carrying out consultancy activities mainly in support of the investments held in the companies: IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi SpA and TRS Tecnologia delle rete e of the Spa systems, with a view to “business angels” and support to managers and shareholders, on issues of corporate strategy and management of high-tech investments.

The strong professional commitment required and the profile of excellence that characterizes the two investee companies did not, however, prevent Nalder systems from making significant contributions to other industrial and research initiatives at national and European level.

The activities carried out on behalf of the various customers, over the twenty years of the current corporate structure, were aimed at identifying research initiatives, defining solutions, procuring financing, coordinating (or directing) the development of innovative products and processes in ” in the field of digital transformation, electronic and computer systems in real time, in the transport and traffic sectors, environmental protection, land control and military and civil defense. In addition, the company has developed further subsequent experiences in the fields of social innovation, Digital Social Innovation, technology transfer and the management of responsible and ethical research (also in relation to European management and guidelines).

The consultancy carried out, both in relation to subsidiaries and to other companies, has always been characterized by a strong component of innovation, which therefore constitutes a qualifying element for Sistemi Nalder. As evidence of what has been said, it is recalled that in the twenty years that have passed since Nalder joined the shareholders, IDS has increased its turnover ten times and over the years has become a world leader in the sectors of georadaristics, electromagnetic analysis, aeronavigation and traditional and satellite. In turn, TRS, despite a more contained growth in its turnover, about three times, has concentrated on the quality of the software developed on its own and on behalf of third parties, making it one of the few qualified Italian companies at CMMI 5 level to date.