Over the years the company has had several direct clients and matured international collaborations, directly or through the investee companies and the professionals who have worked with Sistemi Nalder, some of them are:

  • Finmeccanica – Leonardo
  • Ansaldo
  • MBDA
  • Ciaotech
  • Link srl
  • Consorzio SESM
  • IDS – Ingegneria dei Sistemi
  • TRS – Tecnologia delle Reti e dei Sistemi
  • Consorzio Sespim
  • Consorzio Thamos
  • Parco Tecnologico D’Abruzzo

Collaborations in various capacities were also carried out during the years of the company’s life with various Italian and foreign universities, such as the University of Rome “Sapienza”, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, MediaLab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , University of Pisa, and others.