Over the twenty years of the current corporate structure, the activities by Sistemi Nalder,  were aimed at identifying research initiatives, defining technical and system solutions, procuring financing, coordinating (or directing) the development of products and processes innovative.

In addition, particular attention was given to consultancy activities for investee companies from a “business angels” perspective. The participation in high-tech companies has allowed Sistemi Nalder to acquire different skills on how to manage its investments, on company shareholdings and on how to support new companies in the growth of their business and in the creation of value for shareholders.

In greater detail, some significant consultancy was carried out, among others, in the context of the following technological issues:

  • Usability of Satellite Navigation for Air Navigation: route, terminal and landing area and for Traffic Control through automatic Ads dependent surveillance.
  • Low-cost systems for the control of approaches, the management of arrivals and departures, the guide to take-offs and landings of minor airports.
  • Monitoring systems and decision support in various thematic areas, such as health, cultural heritage and the environment.
  • Meteorological systems and instrumentation and environmental control systems.
  • Participation in the European SESAR Program for the identification of air traffic control systems in Europe able to cope with the increase in traffic and the requirements of efficiency, economy, reduced pollution expected for the years after 2020.

Participation in the national SENECA program for satellite navigation applications.